Every vote should count.

One man, one vote. Our founders were convinced and you should be too. Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, your vote should count. We must take redistricting out of the hands of the politicians. You know that’s right and I know that’s right.


It is time to invest in young people.

By 2020, 68% of the jobs in North Carolina will require more than a high school education. The jobs your kids or grandkids will do when they grow up may not even exist yet. Companies are investing in robots and new technology at an accelerating pace. Without education, our workforce won't be able to keep up. It is time to invest -- as we once did -- in our public schools and colleges, not cut their funding.


We need good jobs.

Unemployment is low. But pay is low, too.

Since 2000, jobs with good pay and benefits like health insurance have declined here by 25%. For many, it takes two or three part-time jobs, without benefits, to make ends meet.

Companies today look for people to work with robots and computer-run machines. They find well-trained workers in cities, leaving rural areas racing to join the market. Our mountain people learn fast, work hard, and value a job well done.

It’s time to invest in training to qualify our workers and to attract companies to beautiful Western North Carolina.


You have the right to clean drinking water.

Clean drinking water is our most basic right. Companies have willfully polluted rivers that supply water to people in our state. Duke Energy spends $1.6 million a year delivering bottled water to North Carolina homes. GenX has been found in well water and in honey; Chemours, the maker of GenX, provides bottled water to hundreds of our homes.

We expect businesses operating in North Carolina to honor our rights. They have basic responsibilities to us.

You and I are powerless to stop polluters. We have to count on our state agencies to hold these companies accountable. I support funding the agencies that protect our clean drinking water. Let them do their job.


Doesn't every sick person deserve care?

If your child gets sick you should be able to take them to the doctor, no matter how much you earn. Whether you work at a store or a factory, if your spouse gets sick or injured, they deserve the best care we can provide. Donation jugs in convenience stores is not the way to pay for it. If your parent has to be put in a nursing home, you shouldn’t have to sell your house or go bankrupt to take care of them. Don’t you agree?