We in North Carolina send 2.5 billion taxpayer dollars every year to states like Arizona, Kentucky, and Ohio. Why? Because those states expanded Medicaid. Their Republican governments understood that Medicaid expansion was good for Arizonans, Kentuckians, and Ohioans. The North Carolina General Assembly should take care of North Carolinians.

Ending this waste of our tax dollars will do more than provide healthcare to hundreds of thousands of people in our state. It will create jobs - at least 25,000 in North Carolina.

Is it true that many people on Medicaid are lazy and don’t work?

The fact is that childless, non-disabled adults do not even qualify for Medicaid in North Carolina. Currently, adult eligibility for Medicaid is limited to:

  • Disabled adults
  • Working parents with incomes below 49% of the federal poverty levels (FPL), or $10,210 for a family of three
  • Non Working parents with incomes below 35% of FPL, or $7,147 for a family of three
  • Pregnant women with incomes up to 185% of FPL, or $37,777 for a family of three

In fact 55% of all Medicaid enrollees are children, approximately 1.1 million, in our state. And 64 % of these children on Medicaid are from families with at least one full-time worker. Furthermore, of total Medicaid spending, 63% goes to elderly and disabled North Carolinians.

Only 10 states have more restrictive Medicaid qualification rules than ours, and North Carolina healthcare providers are reimbursed at a lower rate by Medicaid than 41 other states.

What about undocumented immigrants?

North Carolina Medicaid only covers undocumented immigrants when they go to emergency facilities, usually after an accident or other injury. At the end of February 2017, there were only 85 people in North Carolina in that category.

No surprise that Medicaid use is up. The job market has changed.