Non-Partisan Redistricting

One man, one vote. Our founders were convinced and you should be too. Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, your vote should count. We must take redistricting out of the hands of the politicians. You know that’s right and I know that’s right.

North Carolina General Assembly elections are among the least competitive in the United States. Why? Because of gerrymandering.

Every 10 years, using Census data, districts are redrawn to make sure that elected officials such as State Representatives and State Senators represent the same number of people. In the past, both parties have drawn districts to their advantage to control the outcomes of future elections.

But now in the 21st century, districts can be drawn using special software and extensive data about voters so that election outcomes are virtually guaranteed. Many of our representatives are invulnerable in a general election.

This means that the real choices are made in each party’s primary with turnouts as low as 15%. Primary voters determine who represents us in the General Assembly. This leaves the majority of voters with no voice and eliminates any debate between ideas. If you feel your vote doesn’t count, this is why.

The only control voters have over elected representatives is whether or not they are re-elected. Gerrymandering, or redrawing districts to one party’s advantage weakens our democracy and makes politicians responsible only to their own interests.

Gerrymandering is a mistake, regardless of which party does it. It poses an existential threat to our democracy. The time to correct this is now. I will work to protect our democracy by supporting nonpartisan redistricting.