Corporations focused on profit are less responsible for their impact on our environment. There are well water problems in Belmont, North Carolina. The Dan River and the Cape Fear Rivers are polluted. This General Assembly has failed to protect our water and air.

We should hold our legislators accountable. We deserve laws that protect our drinking water and clean air. It’s the General Assembly’s job to fund the agencies that enforce those laws.

North Carolina is a leader in solar energy. While protecting our environment, going solar has also become a major part of our economy. Renewable energy is vital to our future.

Some of the finest trout fishing in the country is right here. We must not allow polluters to destroy this. Fly fishing is a 383 million dollar business in Western North Carolina. Summer camps also enrich our mountain economy. We need to protect our environment now, more than ever before. It is essential to our health and our livelihoods.

As your North Carolina State Representative I will protect the creeks and streams I have fished in for 60 years.